There is a Difference

Epoch Health offers the latest innovations in cutting edge personalized health care for men. 

About Us

 The word “Epoch” (e-pek) is defined as “A moment in a person’s life marked by a remarkable or noteworthy event that is considered the beginning of something monumental in their history.” Our clinic is designed to create just that. To specifically assist men in beginning new, monumental and historic chapters in their personal health and mental well being through proper screening, correct treatments and life change.

Our Philosophy

Epoch Health represents the next evolution in  healthcare specifically for men. Our philosophy is a clinical approach designed to help men enhance their quality of life through truly personalized and professional clinical care. At Epoch we stress appropriate health treatments, proactive screenings and lifestyle modifications.

Our Culture

In a marketplace filled with trendy and often medically unsupervised "men's clinics" solely focused on testosterone-enhancing or sexual dysfunction therapies, Epoch Health provides a relaxed, yet professional clinical environment where men can feel confident in the safety of their treatment choices. We’ve developed and documented the best practices across a range of patient care pathways, created and managed by primary care physicians, board-certified urologists and USAF flight surgeons. Our atmosphere, posters, artwork and informational materials are inspirational and motivational, all designed to encourage patients to make positive health and lifestyle improvements and be what we call “The Epoch Man”.