Patient-Focused Philosophy

The strength and history of innovation at Epoch Health stems from a patient-focused philosophy and a dedication to the most advanced technology.



What do golfers, you and your commitment to your wellness goals have in common? They both rely on their support teams to achieve their goals.

When Arnold Palmer approaches a shot on any given hole he’s already consulted with his caddy about his approach, the club he should use, the angle at which he should hit the ball, the slope of the hole, and much more. His support systems are one of the many reasons he’s achieved 20 Hole-In-One shots in his career.

As you approach changes to your health and well being you need the same support. Just because you don’t gain the muscle mass and strength you want overnight doesn’t mean you’re not doing it correctly. Maybe it’s the structure of your workouts. Maybe it’s the foods you are or aren’t eating. We get it….a juicy Ribeye with a loaded baked potato sounds a lot better than grilled chicken and vegetables.

At Epoch Health we understand the daily choices you have in front of you not just in terms of fitness and nutrition but with health and wellness overall. This is why we’ve created a cutting edge clinic specifically for you. We focus on preventative health, wellness, follow-up, and provide a FREE comprehensive screening that can detect and diagnose life-threatening conditions before they become untreatable.

As an integral part of our mission to keep men healthy your free screening takes 10-15 minutes, is as simple as the prick of a needle and includes:

  • PSA: (prostate specific antigen) prostate health
  • Hormone levels – TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), Free and Total Testosterone
  • CBC: complete blood count
  • CMP: (compete metabolic panel) liver and kidney function, glucose, potassium, calcium, electrolytes, and proteins
  • Lipids: cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Vitamin B12 and Folate
  • Vitamin D

Our goal is to get to the root of your problems, get you feeling great and help you experience the highest quality of life. Let us help you get to the Hole-In-One shot that will set you up to win the game of life.


Your local Epoch Health clinic acknowledges that each man enjoys different aspects to their wellness plan; we’re not all cut from the same cloth. This is why we believe in options for each patient specific to your needs and wants. We have a number of partnerships in your community from fitness centers and supplement stores to help you achieve your goals. Check with your local clinic to see what we have organized for you!




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